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Welcome to the
Official National Mah Jongg League's Internet Game!
This is the old windows only web site,
click for the new web site.

Scroll down to see download button

If you don't have your Account Number and Access Code: Go to the Subscribe page
If you only have your Membership ID: Go to the Subscribe page
Once again the subscription period is from April 1 thru March 31

At this point you should have 3 numbers:
1) Membership ID which is 8 digits from the National Mah Jongg League, Inc.
2) Account Number which is 6 digits from registration on the Subscribe page. (USED BY ONLINE GAME)
3) Access Code which is used to protect your privacy. (USED BY ONLINE GAME)

Please make sure these numbers are saved as you may need them at any time.
If you lose or misplace your Account Number and Access Code, there will be a service charge to get the numbers.
See the Subscribe page for more information about account retrieval.

Please keep your NMJL Membership ID, Account Number and Access Code on paper in a safe place.

  1. Download the setup program by clicking on the "Download NMJLSetup17.exe" button.
    Mah Jongg online was designed to run on windows only! but...
    windows only means NOT ON THE IPAD (see the NEWS page about the new system)
    If you are a Mac user, see for how to run a windows program on a Mac.
    Instructions to install Cross Over provided by codeweavers: Click here
    LINUX:All Distos (No Cost) install wine; mkdir maj; download to maj/; cd maj; wine StartMaj.exe;
    If you need more help with Linux, send email as per the Support page
    If you are currently a PC user and considering a Mac, would advise to clean up your PC and ONLY use it for this game. Then consider the Mac.
    If you are an AOL user, you might try keyword: Download for help.
    Remember where it is saved to disk (The "Save in:" folder).
  2. Run NMJLSetup17.exe by double clicking on the icon.
  3. It will automatically place all files in the C:\Maj folder.
  4. It will automatically place a shortcut on the Desktop called "Official NMJL Mah Jongg".
  5. The first time the program is run it will ask for your NMJL Membership ID, Account Number, and Access Code.
    Please save your NMJL Membership ID, Account Number and Access Code.
    If you do not have both see the Home Page
  6. Make sure you are connected to the Internet before starting the program.
    The program will then start. It may take several minutes to check assets.
    A small window will appear showing "Connecting, Please Wait".
    Note: You MUST configure your firewall/antivirus to allow StartMaj, MajUpd, and MahJongg all in the C:\Maj folder
    Note: You MUST configure your firewall/antivirus to allow ports 4000 thru 4200 if needed.
    Note: You MUST configure your firewall/antivirus to allow and if needed.
    If you get error number 10049, you are not connected to the Internet.
    If you get error number 10060 or 10061, you are being blocked from the Internet (Firewall most likely).
    To run the game again, first make sure you are online, then double click on the shortcut "Official NMJL Mah Jongg".
    For AOL users: First run AOL to get online and then Minimize with the dash button in the upper right hand corner.
    This should get you to the desktop where the shortcut is.
  7. Click on the double doors to enter the Waiting Room.
    Click on the Options to the left of the door to change your Alias.
  8. Please read Instructions for information on How to Play Online.

(For 8 or 9 digit NMJL Membership ID's)
Download NMJLSetup17.exe
(Most current version for Windows or Mac with crossover)

Download StartMaj.exe and place in C:\Maj folder if needed

If you are having problems with tiles sticking after first discard:
Reinstall by running NMJLSetup above

If you are having problems with windows 10 displays:
Adjust your HiDPI settings as this may cause prolbems with changing to 800x600 mode

To manually set your display to 800X600 do the following:
1) Right click on the Desktop (Screen you see when you boot).
2) Select Properties with left click from popupmenu.
3) Select Setup with left click.
4) Use scroll bar to change mode to 800X600
6) Click Ok or Apply.
7) reboot as necessary.

Do NOT run the game in Compatibility mode. To check this do:
1) Right Click on "Official NMJL Mah Jongg Online" and select Properties.
2) Click on the Compatibility tab and make sure it is NOT checked.

If you wish to uninstall/reinstall do the following:
Note: if this is reinstall because your account changed you should reset your alias first.
1) Make sure you have all 3 numbers, Membership ID, Account Number and Access Code.
2) Delete NMJLSetup17.exe or NMJLSetup
3) Delete "Official NMJL Mah Jongg" shortcut from desktop.
4) Delete "C:\Maj" folder and all of its contents.
5) To reinstall: Follow the download instructions at the top of this page.

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